Thursday, March 8, 2012

O Mama!

If you ask me about the easiest and the hardest decisions that I have ever made, the answer to both is surprisingly the same.It was deciding to have a baby.

Girls are brought up as nurturers across all the cultures around the world.So on an emotional side you always want to be a mother.But if you think about it practically, you worry about things like finances, leaving your baby and going to work(if you are working), even your own mortality.

You always want to be a better person before you decide to be a Mom.May be financially more secure, more responsible, more matured.And since trying to be a better person is an ongoing process you feel like you are never ready.You are always wondering "Is the time right to have a baby?"

But a saying goes "A mother is born when a baby is born". Some days would be really tough but then motherhood is a happy space to be in.

I also want to express my thoughts through a small poem that I wrote for my beautiful daughter Aarika.

It goes like this :-

Those playful eyes, that naughty smile
That pretence of anger that melts in a while
Her love is something that keeps me strong
It says to me "My Momma you can't be wrong!"

It seems like the calm before the storm
And there the pretty princess sleeps
The promise of a Tornado is in the air
And that my little one surely keeps

There will be times when you go crazy
Its not all beautiful, not all bright
You will be tired and things go wrong
But somehow it always feels so right

You feel so strong, yet so vulnerable
You trust and love like you never could
And that is what I now understand
Is the very essence of motherhood.

Here hoping that she reads it one day :)


  1. loved the poem...Full of emotions and true feelings of a mom. Hats off! keep writing. :-)

    1. thanks so much Shilpi. Your kind words encourage me to keep writing

  2. first time around..and stumbled because of the blog name, for i am a regular at another blog by the name "musings" ( have a feeling you might find the other "musings" quite interesting as well..

    I have wondered about the thoughts that goes through a woman's mind, before the time she decides to be a mother..the responsibility of bringing a new life into existence and being the model the new life needs to look up to in terms of all surely is a big decision...

    your daughter would definitely read this the time she is grown and her reaction would be the greatest prize you would ever get for this post..

    1. thanks ousu and you r rite.It wud b a great feeling wen she reads it :-)

  3. Wonderfully touching lines. Aarika and you are both blessed to have each other in your lives.

  4. Thanks Subhorup:-) Yes i feel truly blessed to have her

  5. Beautiful poem for your daughter. An insightful post.